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I just want someone to listen. 
He was the only thing I had left and he just left me. 
I only joined the military to make my dad proud. Except he only tells me how I’m not good enough and won’t amount to anything. What’s the point if the one person you want to notice, doesn’t care?
I hope we can get back again someday. I know you’re having some problems, but I wanna be there for you, I wanna do anything to make sure we never split up again.
I’m scared of being forgotten someday. 
As much as it hurts to not be friends anymore, it hurts a thousand times more to know that you don’t even care.
I think it’s better to not have feelings at all.
I spend so much time looking out for others, I forget to look after myself.
It’s hard to admit this but I seek attention, I want to believe it isn’t true, but it is. 
I feel useless and unwanted. 
I’m not comfortable in my own skin
I feel like I don’t matter to anybody.
I didn’t know what love meant until I met you. 
I’m doing all of this for you, why can’t you see that?
I often swim in a pool of my own self-hatred. One day, I may drown.